History of the
     Peachland Riding Club

The Past - 1969 to 1987

On March 27, 1969, twenty-nine interested people met at the Peachland Community Hall to form a riding club. The first Executive was as follows: President, Mr. Bill Manning; vice-president, Mrs. Madeline McKinnon; Secretary, Mrs. Betty Sutherland; Treasurer, Miss Trudy Goetz; Trail Boss, Mr. Freddie Brent. Directors were Mrs. Donna McKague, Miss Kathleen McKenzie, Mrs. Jeni Garraway and Mr. Hoerst Gielser. The first name of the club was the "Peach Valley Riding Club", but in May 1969, it was voted to change the name to the "Peachland Riding Club".

After looking at several possible sites for the grounds, it was decided to use the (then) Peachland Municipal dumpsite, which was being covered up in the fall of 1969. In May of 1970, the Peachland Riding Club work-party was joined by members of the Summerland Riding Club leveling the grounds, followed by a bean supper. Many rock-picking parties followed.

In the fall of 1970, the Peachland Riding Club obtained a lease from the Municipality of Peachland through Parks and Recreation, for $1.00 for 10 years, to be forfeited if the grounds were not used for two years. This was up-dated and replaced in March of 1980 by Municipal By-laws, governing Mountainview Park (being the actual name of the grounds).

In the fall of 1970 the show ring and track were started, with many work parties setting posts and building fence. This and the concession stand were all built by volunteer labor and donations, but with picnics, corn roasts and pot luck suppers at the end of the workdays.

There have been at least two Horse shows each year. The 1st Annual August Show was held in 1971, and these were usually English and Western Shows. The 1st Annual English Hunter/Jumper Show was held in April 1976. There has sometimes been Dressage combined with the above. There have also been some Western Shows, usually in July. There are also regular "Fun days" or mini shows within the club. Clinics and riding lessons for training juniors are held periodically, as well as several craft sessions for braiding and leatherwork for both interested and practical purposes. The club has done its share of fundraising, both for the building fund and for charity. Donations were received and grants from Parks and Recreation.

In February 1978, under President, Diana Chevallier, the Riding Club took out a loan for $6000.00 to start building a Clubhouse, and this was paid off in the fall of 1982.

A full-time caretaker was needed after the construction of the building, and this was arranged and came to pass in the summer of 1982, when Bill Brown moved his trailer onto the grounds.

The club has always been a family oriented Riding and Social Club and children were attending dances with their parents from the first dance in 1969. On February 29, 1980 (leap year), the first Annual "Peach Pucker Prom" was a Sadie Hawkins dance, and that is where the name came about. Since then, the "Peach Pucker Prom" has been everything from a Valentine's Dance to a Spring Prom, depending on the time of year, but always in February or March, and always traditionally a good time and well received in the community.

The Clubhouse was finally completed to become a year-round facility in 1985 under a Federal Job Creation Up-grading Project, and is a building to be proud of. Our gratitude is owing to all those who worked so hard to make this project a success.

Over the years, it has been families that have kept the Riding Club active and when children grew up and moved away, fortunately, there were other interested families to carry on. It would be excellent to see all those former families back in the Riding Club to enjoy the facility that they worked so hard to build in those past years. Other groups have used the Riding Club from time to time over the years, with permission. A completed Clubhouse means we have a year-round facility to offer for rent as well.

NOTE: This story was found in the riding club files and the author is unknown. It is believed to have been written in about 1986 or 1987. There has been many more changes since that time.

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2004 to 2005

In 2004 the executives of the Peachland Riding Club moved the announcers shack over to the arena to make it easier for all concerned. They also put in a new stereo system so all can hear. Even the neighbors!!! All wires were put underground so we shouldn't have any more problems.

In this season they also introduced Winter Horsemanship Clinics for the young and old at heart. They applied for a government grant that would help for the 2005 season. We started a web site www.peachlandridingclub.com so that the club could move into the 21st century. Everybody loves technology right?

In the 2005 season we got the grant that was applied for and put a new metal roof on the clubhouse. We also spent numerous hours getting rid of the squirrel's beds in the ceiling. After truck loads of pine cones the ceiling was ready for new insulation and brand new slate pine wood ceiling. The volunteers on this job worked hard at night to get it completed and we thank them all.

This season we also brought truck loads of sand to upgrade our arena. With the generous donation of trucks from T Lewis Trucking the volunteers did a tremendous job fixing our site. Endless hours of harrowing, leveling, cleaning was put into this so that our horses and people could ride safely.

We carried on with the Horsemanship Clinics which became quite popular after the first year. We thank again our volunteers for there involvement. We also brought in a English Clinic and a Western Horsemanship Clinic that was available to the public as well.

A newer fridge was brought in by our tenants and windows brought in for the announcers shack.

Check back next season for what the executives accomplished for the 2006 Season!!

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2005 to 2006

This season we have managed to get a grant from the Provincial Government to purchase 12 new stalls. This was badly needed as we are introducing a Little Britches Rodeo to Peachland. This was the original plan when the Riding Club first opened.

Also this year we introduced a new Event called Can Trek. Barb, the lady that ran the Can Trek did an awesome job and hopefully our club will be able to continue it.

We have put up new signs this year and hitching posts. We made a purchase of a Sign that can go down on the highway for every event to let people know we are here.

We have been involved more in the community. We have done a Ride-A-Thon that gave the Wellness Center $150.00, we have given to the Peachland Food Bank on a regular basis from Donations at our Winter Clinics and Gymkhanas and we were downtown setting up for the Peachland Car Festival. We came in 2nd in the July First Parade also!

We have 126 Members now and are growing immensely. We introduced a new class for our shows called Nervous Novice. This is a class where the rider in new or apprehensive about riding and shows. Only available to riders for one year. But you definitely learn a lot in that year.

This winter we will continue our Winter Clinics with so far a Bling Night in November and a speaker on Back Country Trail Riding in February.

Our second annual Christmas Party is in December just after the Christmas Parade.

Our Club has brought in Cowboy Church every second Thursday that started in September of 2006.

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2006/2007 (from Darlene Pappas)

Wow what a wonderful year. After 40 years the Peachland Riding Club finally developed their grounds to be a Rodeo Site. For the members that started this club this was a wonderful thing to see!!

This year they held their first Little Britches Rodeo on July 28 th and 29 th . Over 50 people worked extremely hard for those days before, during and even after. Some of them not even members just wanted to be a part of History in the making. High School Rodeo is next for the 2008 Season we all hope

We had countless volunteers work for over 6 months to make this come together. All lead by one lady that knew exactly how to get it done – Sandy Chevallier. She had a ton of people that stood with her and helped in any way that they could.

We also held our usual 6 Gymkhanas, a Western Pleasure Show, a Barrel Clinic and a Rodeo Clinic for any children that wanted to get involved with the Rodeo Circuit. That was really fun to watch.

As the grounds were getting built they also made a secure playground area for the kids that don't horsey and fenced in all the spectator areas. Now all are safe from our wonderful 4 legged creatures that sometimes get out of control.

We also got rid of the Trailer and one of the warm up arenas to make room for people to park and stay, re painted the bathrooms and made the grounds look great.

The watering system got revamped this year, harrows got bought and things really got cleaned up. The executives and other volunteers that worked so hard to make a safe and happy place for our children really should be congratulated. Thank you all.

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