Darlene Pappas (3rd)


Isabel Hinton (15th)

Liz Hinton (17th)


Lisa Nowell


Dean Pappas (19th)


Penny Hinton (23rd)


Daisy Hinton (18th)


Kyle Hinton (18th)

2016 PRC Members

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address
Birakowski Jordyn
Brooks Linda -
Brooks Kendal -
Capuano Amanda
Capuano Christine
Caverly Danika
Caverly Greg
Caverly Vanessa
Caverly Tara
Chevallier Sandy  -
Chevallier Sandy
Chevallier Diana  -
Chevallier Candace  -
Chevallier Candace
Collins Calista
Collins Kyle
Cook Candice
Currie Loree
Formo Denise
Fyles Cameron
Gregory Georgia -
Gregory Georgia -
Hall Danielle
Harris Nikki
Hinton Penny
Hinton Chris
Hinton Liz
Hinton Kyle
Hinton Daisy
Hinton Isabel
Hobbs Justin
Hobbs Frank
Hobbs Tammy
Hobbs Cassie
James Darrell
James Yvonne
James Laatya
James Keianna
James Cash
Jefferson Amanda
Jones Emily
Keller Kalin
Larocque Yves -
Larocque Audrey -
Larocque Aryane -
Larocque Isabelle -
Lepine Cory
Lepine Jordan
Lewis Tom  -
Lewis Sandy  -
Mitchell Kaleah
Mitchell Nia
Mitchell Katie
Mitchell Phil
Neyedli Trevor
Neyedli Daphne
Neyedli Evangeline
Neyedli Shenelle
Parsons Chad
Parsons Grady
Parsons Nathan
Parsons Terrri
Pinterits Annamaria -
Pinterits Alexander -
Renaud Sidney -
Schwarz Ayla
Secord Tyler
Secord Becky
Shore Diana
Silzer Makayla
Silzer Danika
Silzer Tara-Lynn
St Pierre Madison
Stukel Danika -
Stukel Toniesha -
Stukel Jennifer -

Plus 15 members that do not want to be named.


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Lifetime Members

D. & J. Caudle

Larry & Diana Chevallier

B. Sutherland

A. McKinnon

R. Marriott

Bill Mannering

Bud & Donna McKaque

J. Sanderson

Mike Gibson

Tom & Sandy Lewis

Carl Woods

Sandy Chevallier