2013 PRC Members

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address
Bates Brenda  blairbates@shaw.ca
Bates Jessie  blairbates@shaw.ca
Bates Blair  blairbates@shaw.ca
Brodziak Tina  -
Brouwers Tanya  t.brouwers@xplornet.ca
Brouwers-Geertz Benjamin  t.brouwers@xplornet.ca
Brouwers-Geertz Patrick t.brouwers@xplornet.ca
Capp Jayden jessecapp@shaw.ca
Capp Dylan jessecapp@shaw.ca
Capp Jesse jessecapp@shaw.ca
Capuano Amanda  countrymusic-gal@hotmail.com
Capuano Silvio  countrymusic-gal@hotmail.com
Capuano Christine  countrymusic-gal@hotmail.com
Caverly Greg tcaverly@telus.net
Caverly Danika  tcaverly@telus.net
Caverly Tara-Lee tcaverly@telus.net
Caverly Vanessa  tcaverly@telus.net
Chernoff Domenic  -
Chevallier Candace  candacecchevallier@gmail.com
Cheyne Mark  mcheyne@telus.net
Cheyne Tanner  mcheyne@telus.net
Cheyne Tori  mcheyne@telus.net
Cheyne Janelle  mcheyne@telus.net
Cole Kara  kara_cole8+9@hotmail.com
Cole Asia  kara_cole8+9@hotmail.com
Cole Rod kara_cole8+9@hotmail.com
Craig Debbie  -
Craig Katie  -
Craig Gord  -
Currie Loree loree_currie@hotmail.com
Currie  Hanna  dancurrie40@hotmail.ca
Dearden Brad  t.brouwers@xplornet.ca
DeMattos Trecho trechodemattos@hotmail.com
DeMattos Ron trechodemattos@hotmail.com
DeMattos Courtney  trechodemattos@hotmail.com
DeMattos  Dakota  trechodemattos@hotmail.com
Derickson Autry g3camder@msn.com
Ellis    Nicole  nicole.ellis22@gmail.com
Harris Nikki  nharris1313@hotmail.com
Harris Diane  nharris1313@hotmail.com
Hinchliffe Donna jim_hinchliffe@telus.net
Hinton Daisy  liz_hinton@hotmail.com
Hinton Penny  liz_hinton@hotmail.com
Hinton Isabel  liz_hinton@hotmail.com
Hinton Liz liz_hinton@hotmail.com
Hinton Kyle  liz_hinton@hotmail.com
James Cash  djames@persona.ca
James Darrell  djames@persona.ca
James Keianna  djames@persona.ca
James Laatya djames@persona.ca
James Yvonne djames@persona.ca
Janes  Brian  steergazer@hotmail.com
Jones Taylor craigyjo@telus.net
Lewis Payton  summerlewis@earthlink.net
Lewis Kaylee  summerlewis@earthlink.net
Lewis Madison  summerlewis@earthlink.net
Littlejohn Chloe  rustikswann@yahoo.ca
Littlejohn Willow  rustikswann@yahoo.ca
Littlejohn Logan  rustikswann@yahoo.ca
Martin Jeanette  -
McMillan  Sarah  sarahmcmillan42@hotmail.com
McQueen Jacey teamhotshoeing@telus.net
McQueen Erin teamhotshoeing@telus.net
McQueen Stuart teamhotshoeing@telus.net
McQueen  Carson  teamhotshoeing@telus.net
Milroy Angela a_milroy37@hotmail.com
Molloy Vicky  -
Morsette Mike ddpappas@shaw.ca
Nowell   Lisa  lisanowell@uniserve.com
Nuytten Doug doug9058@gmail.com
Pappas Darlene  ddpappas@shaw.ca
Pappas Dean  ddpappas@shaw.ca
Reynolds Tori  torjor@telus.net
Shaw Susan susan_shaw@shaw.ca
Silzer Mykala  countrymusic-gal@hotmail.com
Silzer Jason  countrymusic-gal@hotmail.com
Silzer Danika  countrymusic-gal@hotmail.com
Silzer Tera Lynn countrymusic-gal@hotmail.com
Simmons Odelle rustikswann@yahoo.ca
Smith Kim elderberryfarm@shaw.ca
Smith Keira elderberryfarm@shaw.ca
Smith Nik elderberryfarm@shaw.ca
Smith Tony elderberryfarm@shaw.ca
Sorenson Allie  -
Sorenson Glen  -
Sorenson Teresa  -
Sorenson Jesse  -
Stukel Toniesha j_js71@hotmail.com
Stukel Danika  j_js71@hotmail.com
Stukel Jennifer  j_js71@hotmail.com
Stukel Tony  j_js71@hotmail.com
Stukel Sierra  j_js71@hotmail.com
Sutherland Max -
Sutherland Clive  -
Sutherland Shay  -
Sutherland Jacki  -

6 additional unnamed members.


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J. Sanderson

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