2011 PRC Members

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address
Anthony Brandi  
Anthony Candance  
Anthony Cori  
Anthony Sabrina  
Bates Blair blairbates@shaw.ca
Bates Brenda  
Bates Jesse  
Bates Caleb  
Brodziak Tina dreamer_020@hotmail.com
Capp Dylan loree_currie@hotmail.com
Capp Jesse jessecapp@shaw.ca
Capuano Amanda countrymusic_gal@hotmail.com
Caswell Donna dcaswell@horsepowerip.ca
Chevallier Sandy chevyequine@gmail.com
Chevallier Candace cowgirlcandy2@hotmail.com
Cheyne Janelle  
Cheyne Tori mcheyne@telus.net
Cole Asia asia_beautifulvalley@hotmail.com
Cole Kara  
Couvillon Brent qurii@hotmail.ca
Couvillon Christine  
Couvillon Collette  
Couvillon Madeleine  
Craig Gord gdcraig@shaw.ca
Craig Deb  
Craig Katie  
Currie Loree loree_currie@hotmail.com
DeMattos Trecho trechodemattos@hotmail.com
DeMattos Courtney  
DeMattos Ron  
DeMattos Dakota  
Dickinson Holly hollyd@shaw.ca
Dickinson Amanda  
Dickinson Tim  
Dickinson Colton  
Ensign Alana  
Ensign Darby klcbens@telus.net
Gardiner James Jaguar03@shaw.ca
Gardiner Sheila  
Gardiner Ryelynn  
Hinchliffe Donna jim.hinchliffe@telus.net
Lamberten Linda dodgegirl77@hotmail.ca
Lamberten Amanda rlamberten@shaw.ca
Lapointe Mireille dcaswell@horsepowerip.ca
Lewis Sandy  
McQueen Erin teamhotshoeing@telus.net
McQueen Jacey  
McQueen Stuart  
McQueen Carson  
Molloy Victoria vickimolloy@gmail.com
Molloy Michael  
Molloy Ellen  
Molloy Myles  
Molloy Jack  
Nowell Lisa lisanowell@uniserve.ca
Nuytten Doug doug9058@shaw.ca
Pappas Darlene ddpappas@shaw.ca
Paterson Mikayla  
Powell Orlo no email address
Powell Diana  
Powell Briana  
Powell Cheyene  
Rome Gena glrome@shaw.ca
Shaw Susan susan_shaw@shaw.ca
Sorenson Teresa tsorney@telus.net
Sorenson Allison  
Sorenson Glen  
Tarr Jesse rodeogirl1010@hotmail.com
Woods Carl  


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D. & J. Caudle

Larry & Diana Chevallier

B. Sutherland

A. McKinnon

R. Marriott

Bill Mannering

Bud & Donna McKaque

J. Sanderson

Mike Gibson

Tom & Sandy Lewis

Carl Woods

Sandy Chevallier